What to get rid of before moving?

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Did you know the average American home has over 300,000 items? This fact shows why decluttering before a move is smart. It helps cut down on moving costs and makes packing easier.

Key Takeaways

  • Decluttering can save money by reducing transportation costs.
  • Fewer items mean fewer packing materials needed.
  • A streamlined move takes less time and effort.
  • Starting fresh in a new home is easier with less clutter.
  • Identifying unnecessary items to discard is crucial for an efficient move.

Importance of Decluttering Before a Move

Decluttering is key before moving because it changes the whole process. It helps cut down moving costs by getting rid of things you don’t need. This means you use less packing stuff and pay less for transport.

Decluttering makes unpacking easier at your new place too. With less stuff, you can get settled faster. Plus, selling items you no longer need can give you extra money for moving costs.

Experts say it’s important to think about each item’s value and usefulness. Keeping only what’s really important makes moving smoother and easier.

Room-by-Room Declutter Checklist

A successful decluttering strategy starts with looking at each room one by one. This careful method makes packing easier and helps you not miss anything important.

Here’s a checklist to help you declutter:

  1. Kitchen:
    • Dispose of or donate unused appliances.
    • Sort through old pans, pots, and cutlery.
    • Clear out expired pantry items.
  2. Bathroom:
    • Throw away expired toiletries and medications.
    • Donate or discard excess towels and linens.
    • Sort through makeup and grooming products.
  3. Office:
    • Shred outdated documents and paperwork.
    • Throw out pens and office supplies that no longer work.
    • Donate or recycle old electronics.
  4. Living Room:
    • Donate or sell unused furniture.
    • Sort through décor and remove excess items.
    • Clear out old media like DVDs and magazines.

Using this detailed checklist makes decluttering more effective. It makes packing easier and helps you move without stress. Each step lets you carefully check what you really need to take to your new home.

How to Decide What to Toss

When moving, start by checking if each item is still needed. Ask yourself if it works well or if it’s broken. Think about how often you use it. If you haven’t used something in a year, you might not need it in your new place.

Think about the cost of moving an item too. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to buy a new one than to move the old one. Make a list of your important items and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I need this item?
  2. When was the last time I used it?
  3. Is it in good condition?
  4. Does it have sentimental value?
  5. Will it fit in my new home?
  6. Is it worth the cost of moving?
  7. Can it be replaced easily?
  8. Does it serve a practical purpose?
  9. Would someone else benefit more from this item?
  10. Is it a part of my essential belongings?

To make moving easier, keep a bag of essentials ready. This way, you’ll have what you need right away, making the first days in your new home smoother.

What to get rid of before moving?

Before you move, it’s key to sort out what you can throw away.

Start by getting rid of old linens. They often take up a lot of space but are easily forgotten. You can also digitize or donate old DVDs and CDs to lighten your load.

Look at your kitchen gadgets too. If you haven’t used them in months, it’s time to let them go. This makes your new kitchen clutter-free and simplifies the move.

Check big, unused appliances as well. If they won’t fit or be useful in your new place, sell or donate them. This smart downsizing saves money and ensures your new home has only what you really need.

In short, focus on clearing clutter and packing carefully by getting rid of things you don’t need. This makes moving easier and helps you organize your new space well.

Benefits of Getting Rid of Unnecessary Items

Getting rid of extra items before you move has many benefits. It helps make moving and settling easier. One big plus is saving money on moving costs. With fewer things to move, you’ll pay less to the movers and use fewer boxes.

This also means a cleaner home when you arrive. A tidy space is easier to organize and less stressful to unpack. Plus, you can sell items you no longer need, which can help pay for moving costs.

Also, moving less stuff is better for the planet. It means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint. This approach makes moving easier and supports a greener lifestyle.

Decluttering before a move offers many benefits. You save money, help the environment, and feel better mentally. These advantages make moving to a new home smoother and more positive.

What to Do With the “Don’t Keep” Pile

After decluttering, managing the “Don’t Keep” pile is the next step. You can make getting rid of items easy and green by selling, donating, or disposing of them responsibly. Best Deal Movers offers junk removal along with moving services to keep moving as simple as possible. Call us today at (678) 573-6562 to get a free quote for your moving needs.


Decluttering is key to a stress-free move. By sorting items room by room, you make packing easier and save money. This approach helps you keep only what you really need.

Getting rid of things you don’t need makes packing and moving simpler. Living in a new place becomes better when you only keep items that matter. This way, you start fresh in your new home, living better through organization and being mindful.

Starting with decluttering is the first step to a smooth move. By focusing on what’s important and letting go of the rest, you’re set for a smooth move. Decluttering is more than cleaning; it’s about starting a new life with a tidy space.

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