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6 Reasons to Move to Milton, GA

Why Milton, GA?

Milton, Georgia is a suburban city of Fulton County that was created in 2006 out of the unincorporated part of northern Fulton County. The city has been described as a community the embraces the small-town lifestyle and heritage while preserving and bettering the city’s rural nature. Its location provides the small town feel while still being close enough to Atlanta to provide access to big city amenities. With a growing population of 36,662 the city aims to “provide the best quality of life” for their citizens.

  1. Emergency Response Time: The fire department averages 6:28 and the police average 6:10. They make the safety of the community a top priority.
  2. Community Events: Events are held weekly to keep the community together and active helping to provide that small-town feel, such as;Milton Ga Community
    1. Car Seat Safety Checks
    2. Monthly RAD Women’s Self Defense Course
    3. Community Easter Egg Hunt
    4. Fulton Golden Games
    5. Milton Hometown Jubilee Festival
    6. Bulky Trash Drop Off Days
    7. Parent’s Night Out
    8. Community Service Events
  3. The Environment: A Greenspace Bond was passed in 2016 to acquire land for parks, trails and greenspace including conservation land, wildlife habitat and natural areas as well as created and executed a trail plan for horse, bike, and pedestrian friendly paths that follow the public roadways.Milton Ga School System
  4. School System: Milton High School ranks #7 in the state of Georgia and has 81% of the student body participate in the Advanced Placement program and has an 18:1 student-teacher ratio.
  5. Transportation System: The local government of Milton repairs 28 potholes per month, and has executed and plans to execute repair work on local highways and roads and even allows citizens to request repairs.
  6. Community Care: Monthly newsletters are provided to the community, they work and provide fixes to community issues, local veterans are specially honored, every citizen, neighborhood and business now has an officer assigned to provide a direct line of contact for non-emergency concerns and questions, and more.

Take a look at their community report for more information.

Ready to Move?

Moving to a new city and living in a new neighborhood is one of life’s greatest adventures so make sure you decide on the perfect city for your family. Trust Best Deal Movers to pack and move your belongings to your new home or business location in Milton, GA. We can take the hard work out of your hands so give us a call at 678-771-5599 or send us an email at today!


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Springtime Lovin’, Not Summer Bummin’

Summer is the busiest time of year for movers and families alike, so it is important to start the moving process early, like Spring early. An ordinary move can be stressful but when you add the hot, humid summer weather things can easily get uncomfortable and frustrating. As much as we’d like, we can’t just throw our house into a beach bag and go. Even though the move is a few months away a lot can get done prior to your summer move to Alpharetta and will help significantly in the success and smoothness of a move.


Downsizing, Moving Your Aging Parents to a New Home

They changed your diapers. They taught you to ride a bike. They cried at both your graduation and your wedding. Your parents have done an incalculable amount for you over the years and shaped you into the adult you are today. But as we age, roles tend to be reversed; it is now your turn to take care of your aging parents the way they took care of you. One of the first steps to ensuring your aging parents enjoy their twilight years is by helping them in downsizing their home. Without kids in the house, it makes good sense to move to a property more suited to their space and abilities. If you are facing moving your aging parents in North Fulton, Best Deal Movers will be happy to help.


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Over the past 30 years, Roswell, GA, has grown from another sleepy suburb of Atlanta to a bustling mini metropolis, with a thriving downtown, tons of restaurants and shops and more businesses than most other Georgia communities can shake a stick at. On the residential side of things, Roswell is a place that, because of years of steady growth, has both longtime residents and families brand new to the area. If Roswell, GA, is to be your new home or you are just thinking about making the move, Best Deal Movers is your easy choice for the best movers in Roswell. But before you choose us as the best company for your move, here are a few reasons to consider a move to Roswell in the first place.


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