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Surviving a Divorce Move

Going through a divorce is tough enough as it is, but all the associated tasks to go with it makes the process seem unbearable. The move, however, should be the least of your worries.

Tips for Moving After a Divorce

A divorce isn’t easy for anyone. Legal affairs, custody battles, and stress coming into play during one period of life can be overwhelming. Moving during this time seems like an insurmountable feat, but, with these tips, the move should be the least of your concerns.Move_Box

  1. Iron out your legal issues. Though you might want the move to happen immediately, waiting might be the most helpful option. Something as small as who keeps the bedroom set could cause a headache down the road if you were to move too soon. Knowing who gets what prior to a move could prevent unwarranted hostility and awkward situations going forward.
  2. Sell your home if needed. After the divorce settlement, you might be the one who keeps the house; however, with divorce comes lifestyle changes. The home you and your ex once shared might be too much for your next phase of life. Downgrading might be the healthiest option for moving on.
  3. Label boxes clearly. Divorce moves aren’t exactly conventional moves. What works in other moves might not work for a divorce move. Labeling a box with “family room” might not be obvious enough if two people are moving out of the same home to two separate homes. Avoid a mix-up by being extra diligent and meticulous in your organizing.
  4. Personalize your new home. Most of your current belongings are probably relics of your former marriage. Don’t bog yourself down with the memories of your previous stage of life. Fill your new home with your own items to give it your personal flair.
  5. Leave your pets with a friend. Through thick and thin, we love our pets. Unfortunately, they probably won’t understand the urgency and chaos of moving day; they might end up in the way or add extra stress by leaving you wondering where they’ve ventured off to. Leaving your furry friends with a trusted friend or at a pet boarding service will simplify the big day.Move_House
  6. Trust yourself. In the midst of the negativity and turmoil that comes with a divorce, responsibilities have to get taken care of. The confrontations that happen as a result are uncomfortable. Make the day as pleasant as possible by avoiding any provoking comments, negative remarks, and nerve-wracking clashes. Go with your instinct on what will go over best.

Don’t go through a divorce move by yourself. Let Best Deal Movers help you out on your big day. We offer discreet services that will keep your move low-key with your safety in mind.

Contact us today at 678-771-5599. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more tips and tricks.

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Moving and Storage Atlanta, Packing Up Your Art Business

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Best Lunch Spots According to Alpharetta Movers

After enduring all the hard work and stress, it’s difficult not to feel hungry after a move. However, since all your pots and pans may still be in their boxes, fixing a quick meal for your family can be next to impossible. It’s great if you have prepared some make-ahead recipes for moving day but if not, you need to do some quick thinking to deal with the situation. Should you settle for yet another boring pizza or more junk food? Well, definitely not. Here are some excellent dining options as selected by your preferred Alpharetta movers with Best Deal Movers.

Go for Southern Home Cooking

If you love some good old southern home cooking (who doesn’t?), you definitely need to see what AJ’s Home Cooking has to offer. AJ’s Home Cooking is a family-oriented home cooking buffet that provides you and your family with all-you-can-eat freshly made southern meals every day. You can sample all their fantastic dishes (main, sides, salad bar and dessert) for a measly $10.00 (includes coffee or tea, plus tax). Kids 2 to 9 years old will be charged $4.00, but either way, it’s a bargain!

Care for Some Barbeque?alpharetta movers

Are you craving for a hearty barbeque feast? If you agree with most Alpharetta movers, especially those with Best Deal Movers, then Grand Champion BBQ is definitely the place to be! Grand Champion BBQ serves superior, hickory-imbued meats straight from their smokers, and gets high praises for their pulled pork and beef brisket, as well as for their mac and cheese and peppery coleslaw. Not surprisingly, people who have sampled their menu confess that their mouth-watering barbeque and side dishes are enough to satisfy even your biggest hunger! Grand Champion BBQ was recognized as one of the Top 13 BBQ Joints in the Nation by, a major restaurant survey and ratings from

alpharetta moversA Taste for Mexican

If you have a thing for Mexican food, bring the family over to Rio Balsas Taqueria. This restaurant serves a wide variety of classic Mexican dishes (including, but not limited to, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, taquitos, chicken tostada and sopes, tacos, fajitas and burritos) along with your favorite beer or margarita. It also offers an exciting array of house specialties including several mouth-watering steak, chicken, fish and seafood dishes. Vegetarian? No problem! The restaurant also offers a strictly vegetarian menu.

Fire Grill-Fresh Eats

Everybody loves grilled dishes! Want to try some really good ones? Head on over to The Local Wood Fired Grill or Clean Eatz, two of the best grill restaurants that come highly recommended by a good number of Alpharetta movers. Both restaurants allow you to choose which meat goes into your wraps, burgers or plate. The latter offers an outstanding selection of sandwiches, flatbreads, energy bars, desserts and smoothies to satisfy your hunger and your cravings. You can find these two outstanding restaurants on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta.

Not Just your Ordinary Sandwich!alpharetta movers

Wanna grab a quick bite with all the bells and whistles you can ever imagine? Then try The Gourmet Sandwich Company, Fancy Pantry or Rising Roll to get a taste of the best sandwiches in town! These restaurants only use the freshest, best quality ingredients to give you just what your taste buds have been looking for.

Moving? Trust Us to Get You There

Moving to a new location can be an exciting but nerve-wrecking adventure so plan your move accordingly to make the most from the experience. If you don’t have the time to pack and move your belongings to your new home or business location, trust Best Deal Movers to do it for you. We can take the hard work out of your hands so give us a call at 678-771-5599 or send us an email at or use the contact form in our website. You may also want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more tips and tricks for a 100% stress-free yet affordable move.


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Steps for Planning a Move When Living By Yourself

Going through a divorce is a terrible ordeal, but once it is over you need to move on and start anew. Remember, your life doesn’t end with the divorce so you need to gather your wits if you want to get a fresh start. For some people, this means moving to a new house altogether, especially if the memories and the stress of living in their old home prove too much to bear. But since moving to a new home can be especially difficult, how can you plan a successful move when living by yourself? Here are some tips that can help you pull it together without losing your sanity.