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Moving a Sofa: Iconic Furniture from Pop Culture

Despite the challenge you’re moving a sofa. YOUR sofa.Why? Because to you it’s more than a piece of furniture.

It is the fixture you’ve become emotionally attached to even though it is coming apart at the seams. The moment you walk into your home or apartment that particular piece instantly brings back fond memories and you hope—despite the fact any normal person would have condemned it years ago—you can pass it on to your children or a generous craigslist buyer.

Pop culture has picked up on the emotional connection between people and their furniture. Just like our own special pieces, there are furniture pieces in TV and movies we recognize without hesitation. Not only that, but we have an instant response to it. Here are some of the most iconic pieces of furniture in pop culture—specifically couches (and one chair).

The Simpson’s Couch

Present in the beginning of (almost) every episode the Simpson’s couch has set the stage for some very memorable couch gags.

It is often the location of the center of conflict in the Simpson’s household. More importantly, the Simpson family gathering together on the couch is indicative of the modern family spending quality time pre-Netflix. Although it is not flashy it is an essential piece of pop culture.

The Iron Throne

Hate it, love it, never seen it before your life, Game of Thrones has dominated pop culture ever since its shocking debut. So what is the center of conflicted in a show known for its vast, intricate, and complicated story line, gruesome violence, and other things we probably shouldn’t mention? The Iron Throne – made from a thousand steel swords.The Iron Throne represents power in the world of Westeros and fans have been waiting six seasons to see who will finally claim their spot on the most uncomfortable piece of furniture ever.

The Central Perk’s Couch

Will we ever know how all the ‘Friends’ managed to occupy their spot every single time without waiting? Maybe. Maybe not. However, the Central Perk couch was the place of many intellectual discussions among the iconic group. Fact: Gunther sat on the couch one time for the entire duration of the show. In fact, a few couches were used throughout the series run to keep it in good TV shape. I guess not all of us can be Jennifer Anniston.

Holly Golighty’s Bathtub Couch729255ef4f5b37a5d7d2333730573520

The cool grandmother of hipster romances, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is rife with iconic style. Equally as memorable as Audrey Hepburn herself was her quirky, disorganized apartment. Along with milk in fancy wine glasses, she also had a bathtub cut in half with a few pillows serving as the beautiful—but tragic—Holly Golighty’s couch. It is actually possible to create this couch yourself if you have some heavy duty tools. This couch perfectly captured Holly’s devil may care persona.





Do you value your couch above all other furniture? When moving a sofa, it’s probably best to have the experts help. Best Deal Movers guarantee your precious, memorable sofa will be handled with the utmost care so you can continue making memories. Who knows—maybe one day it’ll have its own notoriety.


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Why Hiring Professional Moving Companies is Worth the Money

Time is money

When moving to Atlanta, Georgia, or any location for that matter, some people think of a moving company as an additional expense. Most argue that they can do it all without the need of hiring a local moving company, but while they probably can, it is not always worth the savings. Here’s why:

Time is Money

This is a basic argument, but one that many fail to really consider. If you choose to pack and move your things yourself, you are spending more time which you could use to make more money instead. So calculate how many hours it will take you to pack all your items, the time to board them into your truck (if you have one) and the move. Then multiply that number of hours with the amount of money you earn per hour. Can you say it’s worth the savings, or is it better to call an affordable moving company?

Professional Moving Equipments

A lot of items can be hand carried into your truck. However, there would be some items that might require not only few strong people, but specialty equipments to lift your items safely. Local moving companies are prepared to carry heavy items with equipments such as hoisting straps, ramps, and several dollies to make your move more efficient.

You Are Paying For Expertise

Whenever you hire a moving company, you’re not just hiring professional movers and a truck to help you lift and transport your items. You are also paying for their expertise on how to pack things properly, how to lift items safely, how to make the process faster and how to avoid injuries and physical damages. Also, you are paying for their expert coordination which makes this whole process seem like a breeze — from ensuring trucks are safe to travel, to any possible roadblocks or any other necessary information to communicate.

Insurance is Important

Reputable moving companies always provide insurance for your items to ensure you will get paid in case any item is damaged during the move. If you do it all by yourself, you’ve got no one to blame and no one else to pay for it (to buy a replacement) but you.

Spending money on things like moving and packing can sometimes look like an unnecessary expense, but considering other factors involved, we can say it’s worth every penny. Call us today to get professional moving assistance!

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Top 5 Money Saving Tips before Moving in Atlanta, GA

Moving in Atlanta is an experience filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, you’ll be excited to have a fresh start and on the other hand, it would be physically, mentally, and financially draining. The thought of it might be daunting, but with proper planning and expert assistance, the process would go surprisingly smooth.

One issue that may arise during the preparation process is one’s financial capacity. Moving comes with expenses, and better be prepared for it. You might need few repairs or renovation, deposits for utilities, cleaning materials and more. Aside from the expenses with setting up your new home, you would also need to prepare a budget for hiring a moving company in Atlanta. Lastly, you need to settle your balances from your old house’s utilities and other payables