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Surviving a Divorce Move

Going through a divorce is tough enough as it is, but all the associated tasks to go with it makes the process seem unbearable. The move, however, should be the least of your worries.

Tips for Moving After a Divorce

A divorce isn’t easy for anyone. Legal affairs, custody battles, and stress coming into play during one period of life can be overwhelming. Moving during this time seems like an insurmountable feat, but, with these tips, the move should be the least of your concerns.Move_Box

  1. Iron out your legal issues. Though you might want the move to happen immediately, waiting might be the most helpful option. Something as small as who keeps the bedroom set could cause a headache down the road if you were to move too soon. Knowing who gets what prior to a move could prevent unwarranted hostility and awkward situations going forward.
  2. Sell your home if needed. After the divorce settlement, you might be the one who keeps the house; however, with divorce comes lifestyle changes. The home you and your ex once shared might be too much for your next phase of life. Downgrading might be the healthiest option for moving on.
  3. Label boxes clearly. Divorce moves aren’t exactly conventional moves. What works in other moves might not work for a divorce move. Labeling a box with “family room” might not be obvious enough if two people are moving out of the same home to two separate homes. Avoid a mix-up by being extra diligent and meticulous in your organizing.
  4. Personalize your new home. Most of your current belongings are probably relics of your former marriage. Don’t bog yourself down with the memories of your previous stage of life. Fill your new home with your own items to give it your personal flair.
  5. Leave your pets with a friend. Through thick and thin, we love our pets. Unfortunately, they probably won’t understand the urgency and chaos of moving day; they might end up in the way or add extra stress by leaving you wondering where they’ve ventured off to. Leaving your furry friends with a trusted friend or at a pet boarding service will simplify the big day.Move_House
  6. Trust yourself. In the midst of the negativity and turmoil that comes with a divorce, responsibilities have to get taken care of. The confrontations that happen as a result are uncomfortable. Make the day as pleasant as possible by avoiding any provoking comments, negative remarks, and nerve-wracking clashes. Go with your instinct on what will go over best.

Don’t go through a divorce move by yourself. Let Best Deal Movers help you out on your big day. We offer discreet services that will keep your move low-key with your safety in mind.

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So, thinking of moving to Atlanta, Greatest City on Earth? Let Best Deal Mover’s Help! We’ll move you anywhere in the Atlanta so you’ll have more time to experience everything our fantastic city has to offer.



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