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Alpharetta Movers Best Box Costume Ideas For Halloween

Who Knows a Great Box Costume Idea Better Than Some Alpharetta Movers?

When it comes to Halloween, no “store bought” costume can match the creative style and imagination of a homemade costume. While there are many materials out there to choose from nothing can beat old fashioned packing materials and boxes. And who would know better about the many costume choices of packing materials than premier Alpharetta movers, Best Deal Movers.


12 Tips for an Office Move in North Fulton

Moving an entire office can be more stressful than an ordinary move. For one, it takes more planning and there are a lot more people and factors involved.


Moving Long Distance: Starting Life Anew

Has moving long distance been a dream for you?

We’ve all had those days when we’re sitting in traffic or having a bad day at work and think, What if I just packed it all up and started over? It’s a titillating fantasy. You’ll be free to explore a new, interesting city, fully experience a fresh, unburdened life and reinvent yourself (or so you imagine).

Moving long distance can easily become a reality.

It might take a long time to plan – or it could be a spur of the moment decision. Whatever the circumstances might be there are a lot of positive outcomes to moving long distance.

moving long distance

  1.  Personal Growth When you take on a long-distance move, you are opening yourself up to a world of change. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar place, away from your tried and tested safety nets, you will come to know yourself deeply. While the risks may be great, so are the rewards, and often a drastic change in address will spark more changes in other areas of your life. You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to appreciate this opportunity to get out of the rut. You just need to remember that life is short and the world is a wide, and wondrous place.
  2. Career Opportunities Speaking of getting out of the rut, discovering new employment markets can do a lot for your career. You may find yourself exploring new professional avenues, experimenting with unlikely job choices or turning your passion into a source of income. This is especially true if you feel your current situation is somewhat of a professional cul-de-sac.
  3. Broader Horizons Moving cross-country affords you the opportunity to get to know a place that is probably very different to everything you’ve ever known. Not only is that interesting, it is also a humbling, mind-expanding experience which will make you worldlier and more sophisticated. If life were a school (which in some ways, it is) this would be a bit like the student exchange program.
  4. New Network A city is ultimately just a city. What’s important about moving is the new people you will meet, the friendships you will forge and the impact they will have on your life. Opening up to new connections could be a huge life changer.
  5. Out with the Old Moving is a great opportunity to purge unnecessary baggage, and we don’t just mean your worldly possessions. Bad habits, toxic friends and other mental burdens don’t need to be schlepped across the country with you. Running away from your problems isn’t always the best strategy, but in some cases-it works.


If you’re considering taking the plunge and going long distance call Best Deal Movers. We are  prepared to assist you from start to finish with the same professionally trained moving crew who will safely pack, load, and move your items from your current location to your new home. Each of our trucks has a GPS tracking system so we always know the precise location of your inventory, giving you peace of mind for the long haul!



How to Cope With Moving Anxiety

Moving Anxiety: When You’re Forced To Let Go

Moving anxiety can escalate the stress of relocation.

Before I moved back to Georgia my life, to put it mildly, was a mess.

I had recently experienced gut-wrenching breakup, my last semester of college left me mentally and physically drained. I was weighed down with a feeling of loss because I would never see most of my friends again. I had planned to stay in Birmingham but the job I had lined up fell through. I didn’t have the financial means to continue living in the beautiful city I had grown to love and see as home.

A week before my departure I sat alone in my small apartment, surrounded by accumulated clutter and a James Dean poster that had never been hung. I wondered how I was going to manage getting everything organized to go back to Atlanta.

I was face to face with raw, intimidating moving anxiety.

Even when you’ve created a timeline, budgeted your moving costs, and organized your boxes, relocating is a difficult task. Add emotional stress and the lack of control—perhaps economic crisis or divorce—and everything feels more complicated, more difficult, and even more overwhelming.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are steps you can take to ease moving anxiety.

moving anxiety

When facing the challenges of a move in a time of stress it’s important to take care of yourself first before trying to tackle boxes, timelines, budgets etc.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself. It’s easy to tell yourself, “I can’t do this.” Or to dwell on the choices that may have gotten you to this point. You have to give yourself a break and go from ‘no’ to ‘know.’ Language is a powerful thing, and has great influence on how we deal any circumstance. So instead of saying, “No, I can’t do this,” ask yourself, “I know I’m having trouble organizing—what can I do to make it easier?” Instead of, “No I can’t move this sofa,” ask yourself, “I know moving this sofa will be difficult—what is the best way to tackle the problem?” Before you realize it, you’ll have a pen in hand, jotting down lists, taking inventory, and getting your move on the right track.

Purge. No, not like the movie—please, NOT LIKE THE MOVIE. I’m talking about your stuff. There is a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” that did alter my whole approach to organization in a very real, very intense way. However, if you’re on a time crunch or just don’t like reading I can give you a quick footnote: Purging feels GOOD (again not like the movie). That doesn’t mean throwing everything away. Donating to Goodwill is a great way to get a tax deduction. You can put cash faster in your pocket and host a garage sale. Purging can be a great way to relieve stress and ‘detox’ your life. I can honestly testify burning that stupid James Dean poster my ex gave me was best form of stress relief.

Ask For Help. Your friends can do more than haul boxes. They are there for emotional support. Saying goodbye is never easy especially when it is under difficult circumstances. Yet asking for help when facing moving anxiety can relieve the tension—possibly even make things a little fun.

If you have to leave quickly and indiscreetly Best Deal Movers can help.  Give our office a call and speak with one of our moving specialists; we are sensitive to awkward and difficult situations. We will move you as privately as possible to avoid attention. Be sure to check our PACKING SERVICES and FAQ website sections for help with being prepared for our full service moving crew’s arrival; being well prepared will make your move quicker and quieter!




Atlanta Garage Sale The Right Way

Ain’t No Sale Like an Atlanta Garage Sale

It’s time. The moment you’ve been waiting for—like a quiet wallflower ready to vibrantly bloom or the one dimensional romantic comedy girl ready to take off her glasses. The moment for what you ask?

To throw a fantastic Atlanta Garage Sale!

 Yes. An Atlanta garage sale is a fantastic way to unburden yourself of furniture and other odds and ends you don’t need anymore. Be honest with yourself— do you still need the towels you used in college? Or the lamp you made from a Jack Daniels bottle? The answer is no.

Wait, you might be saying, aren’t garage sales dated? Don’t we have craigslist to give away all our unwanted things to strangers and twice removed cousins?

Yes. But as I’m sure you are aware craigslist has a history of being shady. If selling your stuff requires an entire list of safety precautions there are probably better, more efficient ways to sell your old stuff before you move. So what these better ways? I’m glad you asked.

Atlanta Garage Sale

These hipsters just ironically purchased your collection of cat brooches. Ironically.

An Old Fashion Garage Sell.

Yes. There’s nothing wrong with a good old fashion yard or garage sale to get rid of your collect unusable laser disks. Hipsters will come flocking to ‘ironically’ buy old china doll collectables and vintage hats. Some neighborhoods have designated times to have garage sales but it’s easy enough to take a picture on Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media platforms to promote your standard garage sale!

Take The Party To Them.

If you live near a college or university, you can place flyers on campus or post the items on college forums. It’s best to do this right before a semester starts when students are looking for the stuff they need for the upcoming school year. If there isn’t a college nearby, you could set-up a table at a local flea market. You’ll have to rent a space, but flea markets are a good place to sell everything from used goods to collectibles.


Consignment Store.

Another option would be selling your items to a local consignment shop. The main advantage of these second-hand shops is that most of them focus on one type of product. For example, there are consignment shops dedicated solely to clothes, books, musical instruments, furniture, electronics, antiques, and even automobiles. Because of this, you may be able to get a better price at a consignment then you would at a pawn shop.


An Atlanta Garage Sale is a great way to unburden all the things you don’t need or want when you move. For everything else, let Best Deal Movers handle the pieces that matter most to you. Whether it’s cross country or stay in the lovely city of Atlanta Best Deal Movers is here to help make your journey stress free.


Moving Budget: Creating Your Template

Whenever you’re planning a move, the first thing you should do is create a moving budget.

Most people who move feel they don’t have time to set up a moving budget, however, not preparing financially could cost you more in the long-run. Small items such as buying a new shower curtain, sheets or restocking your shelves after you move all adds up. I recommend setting a budget first, before you do anything else.

Create a Moving Budget Template

Software programs are probably the easiest way to create a budget template; Microsoft Word or Excel are the best programs to use, with Excel allowing you to use formulas for easy calculations. We’ve provided a pre-made moving budget courtesy of military one source.

If you’d rather have something more portable or if you don’t want to spend the time setting up a document on your computer, purchase a bookkeeper’s record book at your local office supply store. You may need to make a few adjustments to the column titles or entry boxes, but it will provide you with the basic outline of expense tracking that you’ll need.

Moving Company Expenses

If you’re hiring a moving companymoving budget, you’ll need to include the following amounts:

Moving Company Fee: Includes fuel charges and labor. Ask for estimates from three and even if you haven’t decided on which company you’ll choose, add the highest quote to your budget.

Additional Insurance: If your items are worth more to you, you may need to add this on to your total moving costs.

Extra Services: Could include preparing appliances, moving a piano, etc. Ask the moving company for quotes if these services apply.

Extra Charges: These may include accessorized charges, expedited service charge, flight charge, long haul charges, long carry charges and shuttle service.

Claims/damage costs: you may not need to include an amount here, but to be safe, add in a 5 percent contingency rate based on the total moving company fees.


Make the Most Out of Your Loading and Unloading Services

Making the most out of your loading and unloading services might not be what you think.

Removing your furniture from your current residence and transporting them to your new home without damaging them can be an extremely daunting task. This is one of the reasons why people actually need to prepare themselves emotionally for the tedious uphill challenge of moving. If you feel the same way, you need to know that there is a better, more convenient, and more affordable way to make sure your furniture reaches its destination without incurring any damages. How can you do it?

By hiring the services of a professional moving company, whose owner, Mary Becker, won the 2016 Business Persons of Excellence.

So what can you do while Best Deal Movers handles all your loading and unloading services (oh and your packing too)?
Have. Fun.

I firmly believe you can make anything fun. Especially, when you’re working with a licensed moving crew who can take care of all your packing, loading, and unloading services. So while Best Deal Movers handles all the craziness you can kick back and make the most out of your move.

loading and unloading

Celebrate. Maybe you’ve lived in your house or apartment for a long time—it has sentimental value. It’s time to remember all the good times. Order a pizza, buy the finest, cheapest champagne, and reminisce on all the fantastic memories you had in your living area. Maybe create a slideshow of all the good times you had in your house or have your roommates share their favorite memories from living together in your special place.

Relax. You’ve done all the hard work. Maybe it was doing well on an interview for a higher paying job and now you can move into your dream home Or, maybe you’ve gone through a difficult challenge in life and it is time to downsize and make a fresh start. Whatever the case might be, while Best Deal Movers handles your loading and unloading services, you can now find ways to relax and center yourself before moving to a new area.

With Best Deal Movers you can make the most out of your loading and unloading services in the best way possible.



Safety Tips For Moving a Grand Piano

Moving a grand piano, much like the music played on it, can be an epic task.

When you’re moving a grand piano it’s important to consider many factors. After all, because of its large SCALE we wouldn’t want you to fall FLAT on your face or make a SHARP turn and drop it. (Ok, we’re done.)


But seriously, safety is perhaps the primary concern when moving your piano. Never mind getting it up and down the stairs or out of your home. If you throw your back out while moving a grand piano it could cause permanent damage for the rest of your life. And that perhaps is a best case scenario. Furthermore, you want to prevent damages to your home as well which could also have consequences – especially if someone else is moving in. Here are our tips for safely moving a grand piano out of your home or apartment.


Know Yourself.

 We don’t have to tell you a grand piano is heavy. Before you even begin to contemplate the how take into consideration can I do this. It’s not simply about strength – although if you haven’t been to the gym in a while moving a grand piano might be more difficult. It’s also about technique. Lifting from the legs, not using your back, knowing how far you have to carry it, how to maneuver it safely. Of course, you’ll need friends to help – and a lot of them. Coordinating enough people to help can be an ordeal in it of itself.


Use The Right Equipment.

Using dollies or hand trucks is a great way to avoid injury, because these tools bear most of the weight (although finding dollies large enough when moving a grand piano might prove a bit challenging.) Outdoors, you may be able to go with a series of rounded, cylindrical objects that you can put under a big piece of furniture.

Moving a Grand Piano

Protect Your Area.

Wrap your banisters up with towels to make sure they aren’t scuffed or splintered while your lift the piano down a hall. Sliders are little bits of felt or similar stuff that go under the legs of a piece.You can drag heavy items around this way without damaging floors, at least until you get to a bevel or edge where you have to figure out another strategy. Floor covers are another option to protect hardwood floors. Also, measure the length of your archways so you know how to manipulate the grand piano through the space without scratching the walls.


Avoid Injury and Hassle All Together.

This clearly is the best option. Moving a grand piano is no easy task especially by yourself. Your piano is probably a valuable asset to your family. It might be an heirloom or an instrument you’ve invested time and money into. Let the professionals move it for you. They are experienced in moving large objects while keeping your house or apartment free of any damages—and for that matter yourself!


To make any part of your move easier call Best Deal Movers. We are certified movers equipped to handle all your moving needs. Moving a grand piano is second nature to us. So you can go along with your move and avoid getting into any TREBLE. (We had to do one more.)




Moving To Atlanta

Atlanta, Hotlanta, Hollywood of the South, Hip Hop Capital of the World, The Snowpocalypse City of 2014 . . . whatever you want to call us, we’re proud people from around the country are moving to Atlanta.

Very rarely these days do you meet Atlanta natives. There are more reasons than ever to start a life in the and it’s not just because we invented that sweet Dixie champagne.

So why is everyone taking the change? There are lots of reasons. In fact, we made the reason why EVERYone is moving to Atlanta easy for you with this handy infographic.

moving to atlanta

So, thinking of moving to Atlanta, Greatest City on Earth? Let Best Deal Mover’s Help! We’ll move you anywhere in the Atlanta so you’ll have more time to experience everything our fantastic city has to offer.



What To Expect When Moving An Elderly Loved One In With You

Having an elderly loved one move into your home is an emotional transition for all parties involved.

While the occasion is often satirized in pop culture as a hilarious debacle, the situation can be very delicate, deeply affecting—and yes, stressful. Perhaps the older family member no longer has the capability of doing everyday tasks such restocking their own fridge, paying bills, or taking medication. They might find it painful to go upstairs or difficult to drive. When the decision is made for an elderly family member or even close friend to move in there are several issues you must consider.

elderly loved oneIs your house accessible to their needs? If your elderly loved one needs easy access to the bathroom will their room be on the same floor? Will they have wheelchair access—do certain utility or kitchen items need to be hidden? Can they drive on their own? These are all very difficult questions that must be answered before your elderly loved one moves in.Make sure your home has what they need in order to function with dignity and as independently as possible.

Make sure everyone is on the same page. Their condition will greatly change the environment of your household when they move in. communication with the members of your household is key. Everyone must come to an understanding of what to expect when an elderly loved one moves in. When talking with your spouse it may be good to set boundaries and decide ahead of time what they are willing to do to help out and what their limits are. You may need to set in place a schedule and list of duties.

Hire a moving company. Already, you are probably under an extraordinary amount of stress dealing with the sudden change of your elderly loved one moving in. You could have family members assist with the move but the easiest thing to do—for all parties—is to hire a professional moving service to handle everything from packing to unloading. That way you can focus on giving your aging parent, grandparent, relative, or other loved one the time and attention they need.

Best Deal Movers has the best reputation for handling moves of all scale. Let us focus on the move so you can focus on the important details.