Packing your stuff when moving can be quite an easy task for some. However, some people think that any box will do for any packing needs. What they may not know is that there are boxes made specifically for the purpose of moving and is designed to secure fragile items.

You can always ask your packing and moving company for more details about these boxes, but to make it easier for you, we created a basic guide about different types of moving boxes!

Dish Packs or Kitchen Box

Glass wares, antiques, china wares and other breakable items need extra care when moving. They will surely break if you just put them in a random box.  Dish packs are best for these types because they have sections and layers that will hold the items while you are transporting them.

Wardrobe Boxes

This type of box is tall and upright which is best for hanging dress and other clothes that you don’t want to get wrinkled while transporting.

Picture Box

You don’t want your precious memories to be damaged while moving, right? So having a picture box is recommended, it allows any framed picture and mirrors to fit. It’s also advisable for transporting art works and posters.

Small Box

This is where you can store the smallest and heaviest items such as power tools, books, DVD player and other heavy objects. The size of this box is 1.5 cubic foot. This is common among local moving service provider in Atlanta, GA so they can get some for you.

Medium Box

This has twice the size of a small box—3.0 cubic feet. Heavy items can also be stored here like lamp shades, gadgets, pans, toys, kitchen utensils and more. This is also referred as all-purpose box so you can pretty much put anything here.

Large Box

The size is from 4.5 to 6.5 ft. This is where you can put light weight items such as pillows, clothes, blankets, linens, rugs and other light items. Light weight items should be putted in this big box so it can be carried easily, never put heavy appliance to avoid accidents when moving to Atlanta, GA or any other city.

Custom Boxes

Sometimes you need a specialized carton for other things like pole lamps, bicycle, clocks and others. You can ask your local movers if they provide or know where to get these boxes.