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Protect Your Identity When Moving: 5 Top Tips to Consider

No matter what your reasons are for moving to a new home, this life-changing event can be filled with excitement, anticipation, and a lot of back-breaking work. Unfortunately, this can also leave you vulnerable to identity theft, especially if you let your guard down. Don’t let this happen to you.  Here are some tips to help you protect your personal information during a move and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Tips to Protect Your Identity and Prevent Theft When Moving


  • Submit a Change of Address Form. Aside from submitting a formal Change of Address Form to your local post office, make a list of all the organizations and businesses that send you mail on a regular basis (e.g. your bank and other financial institutions, insurance companies and healthcare providers, utility companies, schools, publications you subscribe, etc.) and notify them of the address change.
  • Protect sensitive documents. Don’t leave any personally identifiable information in the dumpster. Identity thieves can easily use this information against you. To be safe, put all your sensitive documents (e.g. birth certificate, Social Security cards, financial documents, stock certificates, insurance policies, wills, etc.) in a locked box or online vault and keep them with you during the move. As an added precaution, shred documents you no longer need.
  • Be present. Your mere presence during the duration of the move can deter theft and help ensure that things are being properly taken care of.
  • Monitor financial statements. Monitor your bank and credit card statements for any signs of suspicious activities during and after the move.
  • Use a trustworthy moving company. Not all moving companies are created equal so do your research to find one that you can trust. Take time to read online reviews and ask for recommendations from family and friends who have recently moved. For best results, choose a company that is fully licensed and insured, has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has been recognized as a leader in the industry.


Remember, you can prevent identity theft when moving. For more tips on how you can enjoy a more affordable and stress-free move, download a copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Moving”, a comprehensive guide that provides helpful tips in planning and organizing your move.


Best Deal Movers and The Place of Forsyth County: Every Move Can Help a Family in Need

Best Deal Movers is thankful every day for each of our clients. To celebrate Thanksgiving and share the holiday spirit, we are donating $5.00 to The Place of Forsyth County for every move during the month of November.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

After supporting Northside Hospital’s Breast Care Program which aims to eradicate breast cancer by providing digital mammograms and breast diagnostic services to underinsured women, Best Deal Movers decided to support another worthy cause. This time, it has chosen The Place of Forsyth County, a non-profit social service organization that has passionately served residents of Forsyth County since 1975.

The Place assists resident families with emergency basic needs (food, clothing, financial aid and other support services) during difficult times, and operates a thrift store onsite that provides affordable merchandise to the public. In addition, The Place also started a workforce development initiative in conjunction with several local agencies to help the underemployed and unemployed prepare for and secure jobs.

The Place accepts donations in cash or in kind, and also encourages people to volunteer their time to help people who are going through difficult times and make a difference in the lives of their Forsyth county neighbors. For more information on how you can be of help, please visit their website at

Every Move Can Help a Family in Need

We can’t think of a better way to show our gratitude than to give back to our community while our family helps your family with all of your relocation and storage needs. Together, we can do great things!

No matter how big or small your project is, you can always count on Best Deal Movers for a 100% stress-free move. Call us today at 678-771-5599 or email us at and let us help you with all your packing and moving needs.

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Tips To Make Packing with Your Atlanta Moving Company a Breeze

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Packing your things before moving to Atlanta, GA can be daunting. A lot of aspects need to be considered and the thought of it might be intimidating for you to even start. But don’t worry, we’ve listed tips on how you can make the packing process a breeze:


3 Critical Packing Tips for Electronic Devices

Every household in today’s world is filled with electronic devices. These devices can either be light and small, heavy and large, and everything in between. Now, when it comes to moving, these items require special attention. Their value would be something you’d like to preserve, and treating them well will be beneficial for you in the long run. Here, we’ve listed critical tips for packing your electronic devices to avoid damage, loss, and to make packing easier:


Checklist for Moving Out of Your Parents House

Moving out of your parents’ home can be an exciting part of adulthood. This means more freedom, and also, more life lessons. But it wouldn’t be all fun and games. Moving to your first apartment can be a lot harder than you expected so please read on to get some tips to prepare!


Infographic: Best Deal Movers LLC Vision, Mission & Values

atlanta moving cpmany

Our Vision   –  To be the moving company of choice by offering  the most professional moving service in the Atlanta market providing our customers the best Quality, Service, and Value in their moving experience from start to finish.

Our MissionLeading with integrity centered on excellence. People working together as an industry leader, constantly re-examining our capabilities, processes, and markets served to ensure that our company is strong, vital, and expanding services to capitalize on full market potential. Remaining dedicated to delivering customer value and focus by offering the best customer service and the best customer experience that is available.

Our Values We are committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are, but also serve as benchmarks to help us become the company we would like to be. And we strive to live these values each day.


Top 5 Money Saving Tips before Moving in Atlanta, GA

Moving in Atlanta is an experience filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, you’ll be excited to have a fresh start and on the other hand, it would be physically, mentally, and financially draining. The thought of it might be daunting, but with proper planning and expert assistance, the process would go surprisingly smooth.

One issue that may arise during the preparation process is one’s financial capacity. Moving comes with expenses, and better be prepared for it. You might need few repairs or renovation, deposits for utilities, cleaning materials and more. Aside from the expenses with setting up your new home, you would also need to prepare a budget for hiring a moving company in Atlanta. Lastly, you need to settle your balances from your old house’s utilities and other payables