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Surviving a Divorce Move

Going through a divorce is tough enough as it is, but all the associated tasks to go with it makes the process seem unbearable. The move, however, should be the least of your worries.

Tips for Moving After a Divorce

A divorce isn’t easy for anyone. Legal affairs, custody battles, and stress coming into play during one period of life can be overwhelming. Moving during this time seems like an insurmountable feat, but, with these tips, the move should be the least of your concerns.Move_Box

  1. Iron out your legal issues. Though you might want the move to happen immediately, waiting might be the most helpful option. Something as small as who keeps the bedroom set could cause a headache down the road if you were to move too soon. Knowing who gets what prior to a move could prevent unwarranted hostility and awkward situations going forward.
  2. Sell your home if needed. After the divorce settlement, you might be the one who keeps the house; however, with divorce comes lifestyle changes. The home you and your ex once shared might be too much for your next phase of life. Downgrading might be the healthiest option for moving on.
  3. Label boxes clearly. Divorce moves aren’t exactly conventional moves. What works in other moves might not work for a divorce move. Labeling a box with “family room” might not be obvious enough if two people are moving out of the same home to two separate homes. Avoid a mix-up by being extra diligent and meticulous in your organizing.
  4. Personalize your new home. Most of your current belongings are probably relics of your former marriage. Don’t bog yourself down with the memories of your previous stage of life. Fill your new home with your own items to give it your personal flair.
  5. Leave your pets with a friend. Through thick and thin, we love our pets. Unfortunately, they probably won’t understand the urgency and chaos of moving day; they might end up in the way or add extra stress by leaving you wondering where they’ve ventured off to. Leaving your furry friends with a trusted friend or at a pet boarding service will simplify the big day.Move_House
  6. Trust yourself. In the midst of the negativity and turmoil that comes with a divorce, responsibilities have to get taken care of. The confrontations that happen as a result are uncomfortable. Make the day as pleasant as possible by avoiding any provoking comments, negative remarks, and nerve-wracking clashes. Go with your instinct on what will go over best.

Don’t go through a divorce move by yourself. Let Best Deal Movers help you out on your big day. We offer discreet services that will keep your move low-key with your safety in mind.

Contact us today at 678-771-5599. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more tips and tricks.

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Tips for Finding the Best Movers

Ready to move and need the best movers possible?

In a previous article of ours How to make a Moving Budget…” we talked about the importance of making a moving budget. While budgeting for your move is an important step, when it comes to our personal belongings and valuables it is hard for us to be so willing to let others handle them. You only want the best of the best moving your stuff.

Here are some tips to help you find the best movers in town and ensure that your belongings are in good hands.


Moving To A New School

How To Help Your Child Adjust Moving To A New School


We’ve discussed previously the trials of unexpected relocation—maybe it was a last-minute decision or unforeseen changes in circumstance. An unanticipated move on your own or with your significant other is a difficult process. Add children to the mix and you have a new layer of stress and responsibilities—especially if it’s a midyear. The idea of not only moving to an unfamiliar place but also moving to a new school might be daunting for a child. You will want to provide your child a safe space while also ensuring a smooth transition for them.

For younger kids, you may need to describe relocating. Explain the process in the simplest terms. For tips on getting the conversation started, check out these recommended reads for preschoolers and elementary schoolers. A visit to your new home ahead of the moving day could quell fears and anxiety about the place and even give your family a chance to meet the neighbors.

Helping Kids Mentally Prepare


  • When discussing with ymoving to a new schoolour kids about an impending move, a word of advice: Do not think aloud. Tell your kids when you are certain the move is on.
  • Plan some special going-away events that will help your children say goodbye to their current home and anticipate their new one.
  • Tell your child that your family has a new opportunity, and make them feel part of this exciting chapter in your lives. A good beginning somewhere else is helped with a positive goodbye.
  • Although it is probably a hectic moment, make time for your kids to have fun. Let them have sleepovers or go to their favorite spot downtown. Let them make the most of it.
  • Enlist the help of your current school, too. Talk with the teachers and administrators; tell them that you will be moving. Ask if you can do anything to help your child say goodbye.
  • Get yourself involved in the new school. Find out ways your child can get plugged into activities they’re excited about at their new school.

Having a smooth moving process is essential as well. You don’t want to stress over the details of packing and unpacking while helping your child adjust to moving to a new school. Best Deal Movers can make this transition easier for all parties involved. Best Deal Movers can handle the entire process from packing to unloading so you can focus on helping your child adjust to the new challenges they might face moving to a new school.

If you need affordable and flexible short or long-term storage solutions for whatever reason, you can always count on Best Deal Movers to provide you with what you need. Call us today at 678-771-5599 or email us at and let us take care of all your storage and moving needs.




Moving Long Distance: Starting Life Anew

Has moving long distance been a dream for you?

We’ve all had those days when we’re sitting in traffic or having a bad day at work and think, What if I just packed it all up and started over? It’s a titillating fantasy. You’ll be free to explore a new, interesting city, fully experience a fresh, unburdened life and reinvent yourself (or so you imagine).

Moving long distance can easily become a reality.

It might take a long time to plan – or it could be a spur of the moment decision. Whatever the circumstances might be there are a lot of positive outcomes to moving long distance.

moving long distance

  1.  Personal Growth When you take on a long-distance move, you are opening yourself up to a world of change. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar place, away from your tried and tested safety nets, you will come to know yourself deeply. While the risks may be great, so are the rewards, and often a drastic change in address will spark more changes in other areas of your life. You don’t have to be a thrill-seeker to appreciate this opportunity to get out of the rut. You just need to remember that life is short and the world is a wide, and wondrous place.
  2. Career Opportunities Speaking of getting out of the rut, discovering new employment markets can do a lot for your career. You may find yourself exploring new professional avenues, experimenting with unlikely job choices or turning your passion into a source of income. This is especially true if you feel your current situation is somewhat of a professional cul-de-sac.
  3. Broader Horizons Moving cross-country affords you the opportunity to get to know a place that is probably very different to everything you’ve ever known. Not only is that interesting, it is also a humbling, mind-expanding experience which will make you worldlier and more sophisticated. If life were a school (which in some ways, it is) this would be a bit like the student exchange program.
  4. New Network A city is ultimately just a city. What’s important about moving is the new people you will meet, the friendships you will forge and the impact they will have on your life. Opening up to new connections could be a huge life changer.
  5. Out with the Old Moving is a great opportunity to purge unnecessary baggage, and we don’t just mean your worldly possessions. Bad habits, toxic friends and other mental burdens don’t need to be schlepped across the country with you. Running away from your problems isn’t always the best strategy, but in some cases-it works.


If you’re considering taking the plunge and going long distance call Best Deal Movers. We are  prepared to assist you from start to finish with the same professionally trained moving crew who will safely pack, load, and move your items from your current location to your new home. Each of our trucks has a GPS tracking system so we always know the precise location of your inventory, giving you peace of mind for the long haul!



How to Cope With Moving Anxiety

Moving Anxiety: When You’re Forced To Let Go

Moving anxiety can escalate the stress of relocation.

Before I moved back to Georgia my life, to put it mildly, was a mess.

I had recently experienced gut-wrenching breakup, my last semester of college left me mentally and physically drained. I was weighed down with a feeling of loss because I would never see most of my friends again. I had planned to stay in Birmingham but the job I had lined up fell through. I didn’t have the financial means to continue living in the beautiful city I had grown to love and see as home.

A week before my departure I sat alone in my small apartment, surrounded by accumulated clutter and a James Dean poster that had never been hung. I wondered how I was going to manage getting everything organized to go back to Atlanta.

I was face to face with raw, intimidating moving anxiety.

Even when you’ve created a timeline, budgeted your moving costs, and organized your boxes, relocating is a difficult task. Add emotional stress and the lack of control—perhaps economic crisis or divorce—and everything feels more complicated, more difficult, and even more overwhelming.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are steps you can take to ease moving anxiety.

moving anxiety

When facing the challenges of a move in a time of stress it’s important to take care of yourself first before trying to tackle boxes, timelines, budgets etc.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself. It’s easy to tell yourself, “I can’t do this.” Or to dwell on the choices that may have gotten you to this point. You have to give yourself a break and go from ‘no’ to ‘know.’ Language is a powerful thing, and has great influence on how we deal any circumstance. So instead of saying, “No, I can’t do this,” ask yourself, “I know I’m having trouble organizing—what can I do to make it easier?” Instead of, “No I can’t move this sofa,” ask yourself, “I know moving this sofa will be difficult—what is the best way to tackle the problem?” Before you realize it, you’ll have a pen in hand, jotting down lists, taking inventory, and getting your move on the right track.

Purge. No, not like the movie—please, NOT LIKE THE MOVIE. I’m talking about your stuff. There is a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” that did alter my whole approach to organization in a very real, very intense way. However, if you’re on a time crunch or just don’t like reading I can give you a quick footnote: Purging feels GOOD (again not like the movie). That doesn’t mean throwing everything away. Donating to Goodwill is a great way to get a tax deduction. You can put cash faster in your pocket and host a garage sale. Purging can be a great way to relieve stress and ‘detox’ your life. I can honestly testify burning that stupid James Dean poster my ex gave me was best form of stress relief.

Ask For Help. Your friends can do more than haul boxes. They are there for emotional support. Saying goodbye is never easy especially when it is under difficult circumstances. Yet asking for help when facing moving anxiety can relieve the tension—possibly even make things a little fun.

If you have to leave quickly and indiscreetly Best Deal Movers can help.  Give our office a call and speak with one of our moving specialists; we are sensitive to awkward and difficult situations. We will move you as privately as possible to avoid attention. Be sure to check our PACKING SERVICES and FAQ website sections for help with being prepared for our full service moving crew’s arrival; being well prepared will make your move quicker and quieter!




How To Get A Tax Deduction For Moving

There is a way to get a tax deduction for moving.

There’s two things that are unavoidable in life: taxes and death. Mostly taxes, because according to Greek mythology, you still had to pay a tariff to cross the river Styx. However, loopholes abound when getting tax write offs. If you’re moving this year we can tell you how to get a tax deduction for moving that doesn’t require putting two coins on your eyes.

To achieve a tax deduction for moving, you must meet two standards: The distance and time tests.

To meet the distance test, the distance from your old home to your new work place must be at least 50 miles further than the distance from your old home to your old work place.

To meet the time test, you must work as a full-time employee in the new area for at least 39 weeks during the first 12 months after you arrive in the general area. The total weeks can be for more than one employer.

If you are self-employed in the new area, in addition to working at least 39 weeks during the first 12 months, you must also work a total of at least 78 weeks during the first 24 months after arrival. The 78 weeks can be a combination of time worked as an employee and as a self-employed person.

If you are married, only one of you needs to meet the distance and time tests.

Also, remember to fill out the proper tax forms for documentation. 8822B proves your change of address while 3903 is where you fill out the requirements for the distance and time deduction for moving

Are you pulling your hair out yet? We don’t blame you. While discussing tax deduction forms is great, in general it can be as exciting as watching paint dry. Here are a few more things you should consider when seeing if your move qualifies for a tax deduction.

You can generally deduct your expenses of moving yourself, your family, and your belongings.

This includes the cost of:

  • Professional moving company services
  • Do-it-yourself moving trucks or pods
  • Gas and oil or the standard moving mileage rate, if you travel by car
  • Packing supplies (blankets, tape, boxes)
  • Move insurance
  • Moving help, for example if you pay Best Deal Movers to help you load and unload the truck
  • Travel expenses (but not meals) for one trip each; this includes for you and members of your household
  • Storage for up to 30 days after goods are moved, before they are delivered to your new home


While moving can be stressful and an expensive investment, knowing how to offset your costs with a tax deduction can relive some of the headaches. Just remember allowing the experts at Best Deal Movers to handle your move offers an affordable and efficient solution for your moving needs.