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Moving Help for Those Surrounded by the Written Word!

How to Move A Lot of Books

how to move a lot of booksFor booklovers, bringing books when we relocate is a must. Moving creates a great opportunity to make the time to sort through a collection and decide if you would like to donate any to your local library or thrift store. (It certainly isn’t necessary to move something that you are not going to use again!) Once that decision is made, divide the books you are moving into groups according to whether they are hardcover or paperback, and group according to size. Packing them correctly is the key to these beloved treasures arriving safe and sound. Choose small, strong boxes.

Put an extra layer of tape to all the seams so there’s additional support; it’s also a wise decision to put extra packing paper in the bottom of the box. Hardcover books should be placed on end as they would set on a shelf; if there is room for more than one row, place the books spine to spine. Any paperback books should be flat stacked on top of each other. Once the box is full, fill any remaining gaps with packing paper; this will help the box not get crushed in case other boxes are stacked on top of it. Tape the box securely and label it “BOOKS”, that way anyone carrying that box will be forewarned that it could be heavier than it looks!

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Checklist for Moving Out of Your Parents House

Moving out of your parents’ home can be an exciting part of adulthood. This means more freedom, and also, more life lessons. But it wouldn’t be all fun and games. Moving to your first apartment can be a lot harder than you expected so please read on to get some tips to prepare!