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Tips for Moving with an Infant

Moving with an infantMoving can be exhausting. But it’s worse when you’re moving with an infant! The stress it can cause to you and your baby can really put both of you in a bad mood and might even ruin the moving schedule. However, with proper planning, this process can go smoothly for you and your baby without the need to stress yourselves. So remember these tips when you’re moving with an infant:


Before the actual move and packing process, make sure you have a plan ahead of time tailored to your baby’s needs. First thing you’d like to include in your plan is the route you’re going to take when moving. Pick a route where there can be enough stops to change diapers or simply get some fresh air. Also try to stay close to hospitals or clinics in case of immediate medical attention. It is best to discuss this with your local moving company.

Secondly, get a babysitter. This may sound obvious but many steer away from this option to save money. The money you can save, however, will fire back in the form of stress. Hire somebody you trust to take a look at your baby while you’re busy packing and moving things.

Lastly, ensure you have a new pediatrician near your new home. Bring the baby’s records to ensure proper medical attention.

Things to Bring

While your furniture and other household items are being moved to your new house, you should carry your own share— for your baby’s needs. Make sure you have these in your car:

  • Safe car seat
  • Changing diapers
  • Changing mat
  • Powder and wipes
  • Bottles, baby food, and milk formula
  • Extra clothing suited to the weather condition
  • Favorite toy
  • Blanket
  • First aid kit


These items would be helpful during the move and right after you arrive at the location for immediate use.

Keep the Baby Calm

The process of moving and packing can be stressful for the baby, especially since he/she can see unfamiliar faces and the environment is changing. The noise can also put your baby in an uncomfortable situation. Ideally, you’d want your baby out of the house with your babysitter during the process.

Moving is a sign of change, which is a good thing at itself. But this change can also be an unpleasant experience for an infant. Ensuring they are safe, comfortable and at ease can make the moving process easy and less stressful for both of you. Professional movers in Atlanta, Georgia such as Best Deal Movers can provide you smooth moving experience you will surely enjoy.


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How to Organize Your Home Before Moving

De-Cluttering Tips before Moving

Pre-moving comes with the discovery of all the clutter we accumulated on our old home. And a common problem we encounter which can usually result to procrastination is deciding which to throw away, which to keep, and which to sell or donate.

Here, we have listed tips on how you can de-clutter easily without the feeling of stress and guilt: